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Marking Pencils for Writing on Any Surface

If you have ever worked with a surface other than wood or paper, you're probably familiar with the benefits of a grease marking pencil. This tool is called by several different names: mechanical grease pencil, China marker, marking pencil, grease marker, etc. These names all refer to the same main tool–a nontoxic writing implement that can be used on any surface. The Listo Pencil Company, who invented the grease marking pencil, has been manufacturing these tools since 1921. Production continues today, as the marking pencils have proven useful in various industrial, restaurant, and construction-based settings.

No. 1620 Marking Pencil

The No. 1620 marking pencil is fully mechanical and refillable, with no waste. This marker, commonly referred to as a grease or China marker, will write on just about any surface–even under water. It is easily wiped off of any slick, nonporous surface – such as glass – with a dry cloth. It is also completely nontoxic, making it safe for use around food. Its uses are endless, its industries are numerous, which is why it is the top grease marker available today.

Our No. 1620 Marking Pencil is America's best-selling mechanical marking pencil. Strong, with a thick wax-based lead for big, bold marking, this tool writes on metal, wood, glass, plastics, paper, and almost any other surface imaginable. Then, simply wipe it off with a cloth or tissue. Shop at our online store to purchase yours today.

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Listo Marking Pencils Boxed #1620B Packed 12 per box
Listo Refill Leads Boxed #162B Packed 72 per box

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