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Since 1921

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Your Source for Mechanical Grease Pencils

For nearly 100 years, Listo has been America’s best-selling mechanical grease marking pencil. Listo lead is strong, thick and wax based creating big, bold markings on surfaces like metal, wood, glass, concrete, plastic, paper, frozen goods, styrofoam and wet surfaces too! The markings stay put and then can easily be wiped from non-porous surfaces with a soft cloth and water or gentle household cleanser.

Listo mechanical pencils are used in a large variety of environments - industrial, food & beverage service, hospitals, office supply, agricultural, construction, auto shops, boating industries and many, many more.

Listo wax pencils are refillable for earth friendly extended use, made with a 100% recyclable body, non-toxic, food & skin safe, create zero off gassing and never dry out.  Just as we did 100 years ago - Listo is proudly hand made in the USA.

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A Little Bit of History

   In 1921 Listo Pencil Company was founded in Alameda, CA by Charles Wehn. Charles was an early adopter of plastics as an industrial material expert. He designed and built some of the earliest mechanical writing instruments in the industry, the mechanical grease pencil making Listo the thriving company that it is today.                                                                                       

   Almost 100 years later with, 4th generation, Rick Stuart's dedicated leadership Listo Pencil continues to grow on the little island of Alameda, located in the beautiful California Bay Area. Keeping his great grandfather's values alive, Listo mechanical pencils are locally hand assembled & packed using componants manufactured in the USA.


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