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 About Listo Corporation Inc.
Listo Corporation is a plastic injection molding company that has been producing quality plastic parts since 1946. Listo has several of its own captive products, including marking pens and box cutters, and also continues to offer superior injection molding services to many companies in a wide variety of industries.

Listo, the inventor of the grease marking pencil, has been manufacturing markers since 1921. The No. 1620 marking pencil is fully mechanical and refillable, with no waste. It is the top grease marker in the industry. Our other products include carton cutters, razor blades, and chalk holders.

Custom Injection Molding
Listo has been offering custom plastic injection molding services since 1946. We can offer very competitive pricing due to the overhead support from our own captive products. If you have a working drawing, we can quote you a mold price and a per unit price of your product.

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